Can You Help Us Build a Better Buckinghamshire?

We are looking for enthusiastic and motivated supporters that can help deliver our message to residents across the Aylesbury Constituency.

Our volunteers do all kinds of activities for us, ranging from walking the streets delivering leaflets, talking to residents on the doorstep, to doing admin work like stuffing envelopes, running our print office or managing our email, website or social media. 

If you have experience or interest in any of the roles below, please complete the volunteer form and we'll get in touch to help you get involved. 

Typical Volunteer Activities

The following are just SOME of the roles that our volunteers can help with

Proofreader checking for errors

Be one of our proof readers

A proof reader checks all materials to be printed or published online by our campaign teams

Letterbox to show that we need deliverers

Help deliver our community newsletters

A leaflet deliverer is normally designated a specific area or street - usually around 60 doors or about half an hours work. Some choose to do more.

Website content admin

Help manage our website

As a content administrator you would receive stories and photos from councillors or campaign teams to upload on this website for the web manager to approve and publish.

Leaflet wholesaler

Help distribute our printed materials

The wholesalers help bundle up the leaflets so they can be distributed to our volunteer deliverers. This is an easy role to do at home. Distribution can be done by someone else if you only have time to bundle.

a picture of money explaining the fundraising role

Fundraising Coordinators

Our coordinator will need to focus on setting up our new small scale fundraising club as well as coordinating fundraising efforts at our social events.

Leaflet delivery manager

Help Organise All Our Deliveries

A Leaflet Delivery Volunteer Manager is responsible for growing and maintaining our network of deliverers and wholesellers and will mostly work with the membership development officer and the ward teams.