The Aylesbury Liberal Democrats are governed in everything we do by the content of our constitution. 

It defines our objectives, who can become members, and who can sit as officers and executive committee members. 

It sets out the general and financial business controls that govern us and what the responsibilites are of the officers. 

The election processes for executive members, officers and parliamentary candidates is set out in the constitution too. 

You can read the full constitution below. 





i. The role of the Chair is to:

a. Chair Local Party, general and executive meetings

b. Act as the point of communication with HQ and the region

c. Ensure compliance (along with the Treasurer) with PPERA

d. If another member is not so appointed, ensure compliance with data protection law

e. Ensure compliance to party constitution

f. Manage the local development plan and ensure it is fulfilled

g. Oversee Parliamentary candidate selection with the support of the Elections Officer

h. Ensure that the Local Party maintains the standards and practice expected 


ii. The role of the Vice-Chair is to:

a. Deputise for the Chair if they are ever unavailable or at the request of the Chair,

b. Chair Local Party, general and Executive Committee meetings if and when the Chair is absent or otherwise unable to chair such meetings, or at the request of the Chair

c. Proactively assist the Chair in the fulfilment of their responsibilities to and on behalf of the Local Party,

d. Proactively work with the other officers to assist them in their duties as necessary,

e. Be responsible for the fulfilment of responsibilities associated with any vacant officer position until it is filled, reporting to the Executive Committee on such responsibilities whilst it remains vacant.


iii. The role of the Secretary is to:

a. Produce agendas and minutes for meetings

b. Manage the diary of events to avoid clashes 

c. Inform the Chief Executive of the Federal Party and the secretary of the Regional Party of executive officer appointments and other matters required by this constitution apart from finance

d. Consult the Local Party constitution

e. Other administrative tasks


iv. The role of the Treasurer is to:

a. Prepare and monitor the yearly budget

b. Submit PPERA reports

c. Oversee fundraising targets

d. Liaise with election agents

e. Keep accounts ready for audit


v. The role of the Membership Development Officer is to:

a. Organise and run recruitment campaigns

b. Follow up ‘At Risk’ members

c. Ensure there is a range of events, social and political (in co-operation with the Secretary)                                                      

d. Encourage members to move on to Direct Debit payments

e. Secure accurate records of local party membership in the Federal Party’s central membership system

f. Check regularly for new members, welcome them and organize new member interviews

g. Inform the Executive Committee of new members, in accordance with Section 4.4 of this Constitution

h. Produce a regular members’ newsletter (work with others)


vi. The role of the Elections Officer is to:

a. Ensure the Local Party has top-line electoral objectives agreed for at least five years ahead to guide campaigning activity

b. Ensure the Local Party has an agreed annual campaign plan, and supporting budget in consultation with the Treasurer

c. Form and oversee the smooth running of a constituency campaign team charged with delivering the agreed campaign plan within the agreed budget

d. Ensure the Local Party obtains the marked registers after every election and that the data is entered into the party’s system for recording electoral data 

e. Provide support to the Chair in the selection of Parliamentary candidates 


vii. The role of the Diversity Champion is to:

a. Develop an understanding of the diverse communities in the area of the Local Party

b. Identify under-representation of those communities within the Local Party and the executive/officer roles

c. Work with the Local Party executive to devise and promote a strategy to engage members of under-represented groups, to encourage them to join the party and to support them to become active in the management and decision-making processes of the Local and wider Party

d. Develop links with community group